Originally Published: August 06, 1987

Kulture - Vids

...For real laughs and delightfully disgusting entertainment, check out the noo Alice Cooper vid - 'The Nightmare Returns' (Hendring) - which captures all the bowel-opening excitment of his Halloween '86 show in his hometown of Detroit.

Yup, the man who makes Ozzy Frogspawn seem like Keith Chegwin is on peak (puke?) form as he lurches through all his classic kuts, lancing baby dolls with swords, singing with a live snake around his neck, impaling a cameraman on a mike stand, fighting with a quickly constructed robot during 'Teenage Frankenstein' and being 'beheaded' by a blood-splattered guillotine at the end (three brilliant illusions!), before returning for 'School's Out', 'Elected' and 'Suffragette City'.

For all those too young to remember The Man Called Alice first time round, this is an 80-minute lecture in the heritage of rock'n'roll theatre that should be compulsive viewing; a stomach-churning study of Cooperman and his 'Gore-Is-The-Law' powerchord-policies that's guaranteed to horrify all parents within seconds.

Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, Brilliant!