Originally Published: April 02, 1987

Teenage Frankenstein

I've a feeling this is also on the 'Friday The 13th Pt. 786' soundtrack along with Alice's last single, 'He's Back...'. This one, though, is devoid of all trace of a synthesiser and just kicks serious thingy. Buy. The B-side, I'm told, has a bunch of old Alice hits!

Alice Cooper
Kaiser Center, Oakland
By Steffan Chirazi

This is a review for all those of us who have/had never seen Alice Cooper before. If you have seen him before, prefered the old show and wish to spend life sounding off about how hackneyed he's become in your aged eyes, then maybe you should avoid this review and carry on blubbering about how much you used to be able to get for a shilling.

Yes, there are a large amount of people who never saw Cooper in the old days, and I'm one of them. I was six years old when his 'Welcome To My Nightmare' show hit the halls, so had I gone along I'd probably have ended up a young pile of frightened sticky goo. On behalf of all those who never saw then but have seen now, welcome to the wonderful world of Cooper '87.

Alice is back with malice, murder and splatter, throwing out a show every bit as meaty as promised. He still pumps out those old standards with plenty of honest heart, and if there was ever a question regarding his position as the king of gore then it's answered emphatically here.

For those still limply and pathetically holding on to the idea that blood begins and ends with absurd wank tripe like 'Halloween', wake up and look around. The man still skewers babies, he still has his nurses, he superbly 'spikes' a photographer and has a grisly decapitation to ad the icing.

There is charisma, there is ability, there is great entertainment. I don't give a damn what happened before 'cause this is good now. I hope the point is understood.