Originally Published: August 21, 1986

Back Alice

Alice Cooper's back! Having sorted out a fresh deal with MCA Records, the King Of The Night Time World returns to the scene with a new single/album and an upcoming tour. The single, 'He's Back - The Man Behind The Mask' (the theme song from the movie 'Friday The 13th Part VI'), is set to be released towards the end of August in the US, with the album, titled 'Constrictor', lined up to follow the following month - and what's the betting that the sleeve will feature a snake in some shape, size or form?!

The LP has been produced by Beau Hill/mixed by Michael Wagener (who also recorded two numbers towards the end of the project) and features material co-written by Alice and guitarist Kane Roberts, a 'rock'n'roll Rambo' we're assured with a serious interest in body-building! Kane also has his own band, Criminal Justice, who will fill the support slot on the forthcoming Cooper tour in October; expect an album from them too on MCA Records.

Rumour has long had it that the old 'Welcome To My Nightmare' OTT stage-props would be dusted off for this return to the road, and for once a rumour would seem to be correct.

Prepare yourselves for the worst (or should that be best?), though by all accounts the 'Constrictor' LP is not a straight follow-up to the 'Welcome...' album. That might happen next time is the word from the Cooper camp, at pains to point out that the new material is still 'quintessentially Alice'. And we should hope so too!