Originally Published: May 03, 1985

News Report

What's long and thin and slimy and sends you screaming from the room?

Alice Cooper's snake naturellement, which as we speak is being coaxed out of retirement in it's Beverley Hills home (Alice left it there while he and the missus scarpered off to Arizona) to go back out on the road.

It's TRUE, it's TRUE! As first reported in issue 64, Alice is making a comeback - he's working on 'Welcome To My Nightmare part II', a follow-up to the 1975 classic LP. He's currently writing songs with guitarist Dick Wagner and - what did we tell you? - the fab Joe Perry. And is going to dig all the old props, plus a few new ones, out of the warehouse for a road extravaganza. Gross-out scenes, such as the one pictured here may soon be gracing our fair isle as England, Alice threatens, could well be first to witness his resurrection.