Originally Published: July 05, 1997

How to get a perfect swing - Alice Cooper

Author: Robin Eggar

You know how you feel when you are so furious you want to throw the club away forever? Well, that's your perfect swing. Take your right arm right back, and then let it swing through the apex, aiming at one o'clock. Just don't let go. Before hitting, I blank out everything except the ball. I'm not distracted at all - you could put a marching band through there and I'd still hit the ball. A golf swing is about balance and timing. Get back on your right side and swing through onto your left side. If you finish the swing and you're falling forward or back, then your balance is wrong. It won't go anywhere if you hit it hard - you've got to hit it with rhythm. Johnny Miller says that if you chant 'Cin-dy Crawford, Cin-dy Crawford', that's the perfect rhythm. I chant 'She-ryl Cooper, She-ryl Cooper' because otherwise my wife will hit me.