Houston Music News

Originally Published: November 02, 1997

Glen Buxton

".....A sad note last month was the passing of Glen Buxton, original guitarist from Alice Cooper, due to pneumonis. Only a few days earlier this Boneman had the privilege of experiencing (as lightman & fan) "Benjamin's Last Gig" with former Cooper comrads, drummer Neal Smith and guitarist Michael Bruce, who teamed with bassist Richie Scarlet (of Ace Frehley's Comet) and keyboardist John Glen (of Evans Music City) @ Area 51. This Cooper reunion (without Mr. Nightmare) blazed through all the hits that made Alice Cooper kick rock butt in it's birth, and it's surerstardom of the 70's and 80's. It was the real McCoy, and sounding surprisingly tight. It would probably amaze alot of people that the Alice Cooper band, excuse us, that the original Alice Cooper band could play Alice Cooper music pretty well. Mr. Buxton didn't look at all healthy, but he was sharply dressed and groomed, and like the rest of the cats seemed so happy to be onstage in front of a audience that really dug what they did. And Boneman was diggin' what they was doin! (Alex, co-owner of Area 51 and High Times told us to say he loved the show also!). "Eighteen, School's Out, Muscle of Love", and alot of the hits we've jammed really hard on! Even the vocals sufficed. There was just no Grandpa Mandson lookin' like Uncle Sam and wishin' he was Indiana Jones fronting the Alice Cooper band. It kicked ass! The guys really must have looked forward to doing it again, after all them years, one more time..."