Herald Sun

Herald Sun (Australia) - 29th July 1994

Herald Sun
(July 29, 1994)

Originally Published: July 29, 1994

Three Names That Mean Business

It was a unique gathering, but, with all respect, not of the minds. This was a meeting of the oddly named.

There in one room were three adult males with the unmasculine monickers of Alice, Molly and Shirley.

The gathering of the clan occurred at Nine yesterday during preparations for Hey! Hey! It's Saturday.

Molly Meldrum and Shirley Strachan were more than happy to swap name tales with vising guest rock icon, that old snake-charmer himself, Alice Cooper.

Shirl of course copped his nickname as a youngster for his curly locks (a la Shirley Temple) while Molly has been trying to live down his nickname ever since a disc jockey dubbed him a few decades back.

And Alice. With that mean demeanor no one was brave enough to ask.

Trivia-Test: The lads' real names were Graeme Strachan, Ian Meldrum and Vincent Cooper.