Originally Published: August 22, 2009

Alice Cooper rocks Newcastle Entertainment Centre

Author: Martin Dinneen

EXPERIENCE is not a quality frequently associated with rock'n'roll but last night Alice Cooper gave a packed Newcastle Entertainment Centre the benefit of all of his 40 years in the business.

Stringing together most of his number one hits in a stage show worthy of an artist who was a trail blazer in bringing the spectacular to rock music, Cooper showed no sign of his 61 years.

The Phoenix, Arizona, resident who carved out his own niche using elaborate sets, puppetry and props was up to his usual best in front of an adoring crowd made up of long-time followers but with a smattering of new and younger devotees.

Cooper quickly rose to fame with his elaborate shows, aggressive style and lyrics and individuality, which he said "drove a stake through the heart of the Love Generation".

The reformed alcoholic and now committed Christian showed no difficulty in slipping into the persona that has mesmerised audiences in more than 1000 live performances.

Playing classic hits such as Bed of Nails, Poison, School's Out and No More Mr Nice Guy, the crowd was well satisfied but, as always, was left chanting for more.

Hunter residents may be more familiar with the US shock rocker after hearing his evening music show which is syndicated to KOFM in Newcastle.

Cooper will continue his Theatre of Death tour in Brisbane tonight.

(Originally appeared online at the Herald website, on 22nd August 2009.)