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Originally Published: September 15, 1969

Rock Joy Fully Revived

Author: Melinda McCracken

The Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival, Saturday at Varsity Stadium was the most exciting, most smoothly produced, most beautiful event to have hit Toronto since the Pop Festival.


Probably the wildest part of the day was Alice Cooper's freaked out performance. This group dressed in the most extreme, ghoulish costumes, and created one surprise after another. They sang a tribute to Myra Breckenridge, Alice Cooper (a guy), singing Nobody Likes Me, his sidemen singing "We do! We do!" A kid dressed up as Super Freak, wearing a Canadian flag as a cape, handed Alice a carved-out watermelon. Alice hammered it to bits. The drummer in goggles threw away his sticks, and climbed up on top of the speakers, then got into a fight with Alice.

Their music was a background to their act. Then they used a red cross fight like a bullfighter's cape, let off a whole bag of feathers with a blower, let off two live pigeons, Alice thre a live chicken into the audience, they threw a wobbly obscene pink balloon into the crowd, and Alice ended the act with shooting off a flare gun. Alice Cooper may not be great rock musicians, but they are great theatre.