Expressen Standard

Originally Published: May 22, 1999

.....but Wasp don't impress Alice Cooper

Author: Martin Carlsson

Around 20 young girls were standing outside Grand Hotel in Stockholm yesterday and said that they waited for Alice Cooper. "I have all kinds of fans", shockrocker told Expressen. It turned out that they were there to meet the boygroup Five! Both me and Alice went on a sting yesterday evening. The teenage girls outside Grand Hotel said they wanted to catch a glimpse of Alice Cooper. One of them asked me to take his autograph and a satisfied Cooper looked down towards the fans from his window. "I lived on the same hotel as Backstreet Boys in New York and occasionally you would hear screams through the walls," Alice says.

No pretty sight

Now isn't Cooper a pretty sight and I would rather have guessed that some guys in their 30s starting to get bald would have greeted him to Sweden. "I don't have to be handsome. I'm Alice Cooper, a legend," smiled he. Then we got into 80s shockrocker Wasp the 70s dito sighted: "A balloon with fishrens? Hello, I did that 25 years ago. We filled half the balloons with feathers and half with blood. When the audience stung hole in them they didn't know what they would get over themselves." The happier Alice Cooper got when I asked him if he could draw his selfportrait. "Are you kidding? When I was young I went to artschool so that's no problem."

Say hi to the girls

When I was leaving he said: "Tell the girls I know Backstreet Boys." I did, but none of them knew who Alice Cooper was! "Noooo," they said in choir. We are here to meet Five. They sit over there in the restaurant. And the autograph? I got to keep that.

The mention of Wasp was simply because they started their Sweden-tour the same day (in case any one wonder).