Originally Published: 1972

Come Dressed As Raquel

An unusual party has been given in Paris by the eccentric pop singer Alice Cooper. Mr Cooper had asked his 33 guests to come dressed as Raquel Welch. Says a spokesman for Mr Cooper, who has had two records in the Top Twenty recently: "There were masses of aristocrats and princesses. Bettina was there looking divine in a green wig. Jeanne Moreau, Omar Sharif and Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones, were also there. Many of the guests wore wigs - green ones, pink ones and violet ones." A guest adds this account: "Omar was marvellous. He came as Raquel in the part of Myra Breckinbridge. But he looked more like Groucho Marx. A lot of people came as Raquel in the part of Kansas City Bomber. You've never seen so many well-built ladies on roller skates in your life. They caused chaos."One person was conspicuous in her absence at the party. The real Raquel Welch. She was not invited."