Originally Published: June 02, 1973

Alice's $32,000 booze bill

Two different superstars gave two different Press conferences - they both feel flat, with thuds. Alice Cooper has been holding Press conferences in almost every city.

Alice, he talks long and well and wittily, but his conference (at the "Coconut Grove" in the afternoon) was more like a party that didn't quite go far enough.

When someone did think of a question to ask, Alice would answer and then be interrupted by various circus performers who would dart in, amaze the populace, and then disappear. There was a belly-dancer, a one-man band, a magician, even a gorilla who carried off a young lady - All this while Alice and his group sat patiently behind a long table drinking beer.

Alice said he has a new snake, Eva Marie Snake, and he showed us his appendix scar. "I have a great body," he said, baring his torse. He also told us he spent 32,000 last year - on beer, and that he never plans ahead.


"I don't believe in the future at all; I know the plane is going down." Alice apparently doesn't enjoy flying. In any case, valiantly answered whatever was asked (except for political things: "No, Watergate questions," he specified), but the Press couldn't really think of much to ask. Alice is too famous, we've been bombarded a little too much.