Classic Rock Revisited

Originally Published: June 2000

Alice Cooper Brutal Planet

Only Alice Cooper could pull off this CD. I would imagine that the guitar sounds on Brutal Planet are the very sounds Cooper heard in his psyche over 25 years ago. He probably had to wait for technology to catch up to his vision. At the same time, the world has perhaps finally caught up to Alice’s sickened version of humanity. When Cooper started out he must have been a bit lonely. Now days, there are plenty wandering this spinning ball of dirt to keep the madman company!

Brutal Planet is a nasty, wicked, mean, ugly, rotten, horrible and grotesque collection of music. But ya gotta love it!! Only Alice would be inspired to write songs called "Pessi-mystic", "Gimmee" and the title track. Only Alice would take a film clip he saw of a man who was actually picking up bones of loved ones he found after a tragic accident and putting them in a pillow case and write the song "Pick Up The Bones". There are a lot of death metal, theatrical bands who try to be Alice Cooper. There are shock rockers like MM who wish they were Alice Cooper. But the truth is there is really only room in this world for ONE A lice Cooper. Nobody does it better. Never has, never will. My favorite tracks are "It’s The Little Things" and "Take It Like A Woman". The later is a continuation on the theme of "Only Women Bleed". Brutal Planet should be a hit for Cooper.