Originally Published: June 1975

Alice Cooper's Monster Mash

Author: Jaan Uhelszki

Alice Cooper hasn't forgone the music biz for the putting-green and daytime TV, he just took an extended station break, but now he's back peddling his Hollywood hjinks, so don't touch that dial! A ticket to Alice's new traveling show is actually an invitation to a wonderfully strange and public slumber party, hosted by that old snake charmer himself, the Coop. He entertains his guests from his Sealy-Posture-Pedic, which is decorated in early cemetery and late smoke screen. Metal skulls and unidentified stuffed effigies dangle from the bent in a somnambulistic sideshow, featuring such strange bedfellows as a ghoulish quintet which one assumes is the back-up band but could easily be takes as a recent grads from the Cincinnati School of Mortuary science. A review of depraved dropouts from the Rockettes provide some curious choreography as well as doubling as props in these nocturnal antics; snarling savages, per-Price makes his audio appearance, which along with a hemp-woven web, provide a macabre backdrop for a bristling battle between Alice and four feisty she-spiders. Very Edgar Allen… Again, the unsuspecting Alice is caught in a bruising embrace with a lumbering Cyclops who seems to have strayed from the Saturday matinee. The one-eyed, one-horned monster meets our mythic media monster in a clumsy duel where the overmatched Alice manages to behead the rubber beast. Coop d’etat!