Cortez High School

Cortez High School Newspaper - 16th October 1964 (Phoenix, Arizona)

Cortez High School
(October 16, 1964)

Originally Published: October 16, 1964

CHS Students Creators Of New Singing Group

Author: Nancy Prince

"Last night I ran four laps for my coach."

And thus began the colorful career of five CHS students - Dennis Dunaway, John Speer, John Tatum, Glenn Buxton, seniors, and Vincent Furnier, junior. They call themselves the Earwigs.

"Speer and Vince and I were all on the track team last year," remarked Dennis Dunaway, "and we used to make up words to Beatle songs to keep us in rhythm when we were running around the track. One day I stopped and said, 'hey guys, lets get together adn start a new singing group.' We saw Glenn and Tatum playing guitars and asked them if they'd like to join."

And that was it?

Well, not quite. According to Dennis, the job offers didn't start "pouring in" until they got their manager, Nick Sataslow.

"We aw this guy riding down the street on a bicycle one day so we yelled at him and asked him if he'd like to be out manager. By the next day, he had a bunch of jobs lined up for us."

"Speaking of 'bunches' at first we were thinking of calling ourselves Joe Banana and the Bunch. our motto - Music with a-peal."

"But we decided that Earwigs was better."

Extra added attractions of the Earwigs are their shocking yellow jackets and black turtle neck sweaters that they wear at performances.

"We grew 'em," remarks John Speer to interrogation as to where they came from.

"Really though," conradicted Dennis, "we had them tailor-made and we designed them ourselves."

Another amazing feature of the Earwigs is that three of them have been playing musical instruments for only about two weeks.

"We figured that there would be to omany guys if we had to hire musicians to play for us. So Speer started learning how to play drums and I took up bass guitar and Vince, well, he's learning to play harmonica," said Dennis.

The extraordinary subtle humor displayed by the Earwigs isn't accidental.

"We write some of our own stuff, but most of it is a combination of 'original' and Smothers Brothers," Dennis said.

"As for future plans, the group will probably stay together after we graduate. But - who knows?"