Circus Raves

Circus Raves - February 1975

Circus Raves
(February 1975)

Originally Published: February 1975

Alice Unleashes Killer Autobiography

Alice Cooper is telling it all in an autobiography that will reveal his life and times from his first taste of copulation in a coffin through his salad-and-Budweiser days, when cracked actors like Troy Donahue occassionally fell out of his closet. Ably assisted by former Circus Magazine editor Steven Gaines, whose biography of the fast-talking evangelist Marjoe was a controversial shocker. Alice received from his publisher the second largest advance ever given for an official life story of a rock star. Included in the non-fiction fantasy will be excerpts from over forty hours of concentrated exclusive interviews with Alice as well as the behind-the-scenes scoop as told by manager shep Gorder and other key members of the Alice staff.

(Kindly submitted from the collection of Jerry Cogliano)