Originally Published: October 1975

Alice's Nightmare Filmed Live

Alice Cooper's Welcome To My Nightmare show was filmed in London recently for conversion to a movie and soundtrack LP. The producers hope to have the film premier in 17 Canadian cinemas on November 28.

The film is being directed and co-produced by David Winter, who also choreographed the show. A total of 60,000 feet of film was shot from ten cameras placed around the arena, with finishing touches put on at Shepperton Studios. The soundtrack, which will be released later, was recorded with a 24-track mobile unit. Alice reportedly expects to receive 125,000 from the film.

Alice is back in the States now after a successful European tour marred only by a harrowing experience in West Germany which resulted in the cancellation of his last two scheduled concerts there, in Hamburg and Dortmund. Alice claims his entourage was falsely accused of looting a hotel in Munich after a concert there. Cooper's version of the story is that the hotel charged his party of 40 for two nights when it actually only stayed one, and when he refused to pay the bill he found himself accused of stealing things like towels and television sets. "This was absolute rubbish," he told reporters.

Then, Cooper says, customs officials in Munich failed to properly investigate the hotel's accusations and confiscated passports, delaying the entire company three-and-a-half hours after their original departure item. German officials also failed to provide adequate security during concerts and were "extremely negative and uncooperative," according to a spokesperson for Cooper.

In London, Alice ended the affair by declaring that he would "exile" himself from the Continent (Britain excluded). However, a spokesperson said later that "the exile bit was just Alice being a bit flamboyant." Cooper may, however, avoid Germany in the future.