Originally Published: September 1974

Led Zep vs Alice: The Battle Of The Bucks

Like Godzilla locked in combat with King Kong, two of the heaviest rock monsters are slugging it out for first place in the big buck sweep-stakes. While Alice Cooper counts the attendance records he smashed and the millions his concerts grossed during his recent gargantuan sweep across North America, Led Zeppelin's press corps are bellowing that Zep's current tour will make Alice's look like a second class safari in Bechuanaland. "The biggest rock and roll tour in U.S.A. history," an enthusiastic Zeppelin aid dubbed it. But in the end, Alice's tour is likely to prove far bigger. Zeppelin are blitzing 30 cities; Alice blasted 56. Zeppelin expect to take in more than three million dollars; Alice probably raked in close to four and a half million. Two weeks before their opening date in Atlanta, Georgia, Zep had already sold enough tickets to break the attendance record set by Three Dog Night, and they expect to break more records as the tour rolls into July. But midway through the Cooper tour, Alice had already broken records in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Louisville, Roanoke, Ottawa, and Hershey, Pennsylvania. No wonder the Louisville Slugger Company wants to use Alice's name on a baseball bat.