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Bournemouth Echo - 15th November 2007

Bournemouth Echo
(November 15, 2007)

Originally Published: November 15, 2007

Hard rockers hit the mark again

Author: Simon Ridley

Review: Alice Cooper + Motorhead + Joan Jett, BIC

A triple-whammy, rock fuelled juggernaut night for an evening of hard-hitting nostalgia.

Alice Cooper, Motorhead and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts played to an audience rabid for some of the biggest hits of the heavy metal era.

First up was Joan Jett, whose electrifying performance of her biggest hit I Love Rock 'N' Roll was quickly overshadowed by heavy metal legends Motorhead.

Lemmy's rasping vocals and booming bass riffs, combined with his band's vibrant backing packed more punch than many groups half their age.

Their set was made of of old hit, with a few choice cuts from their latest album thrown in. The thunderous roar of Ace of Spades almost blew the roof off the BIC.

Finally, eyeliner-clad Mr Cooper materialized onstage. The original shock rocker is as famous for his on-stage theatrics as he is his musical repertoire, and he didn't disappoint with a dazzling light show.

Inevitably School's Out, which sounded as catastrophic as the apocalpyse, was saved until close to the end and resulted in an almost ear-drum bursting crowd reaction.

On last night's evidence it's easy to see why those that rock the hardest, rock the longest.