Blender - June 2004

(June 2004)

Originally Published: June 2004

Do You Rock?

Alice Cooper: Does the godfather of scary glam-metal...rock?

Best rumor about yourself?

Mr. Green Jeans is my father, and I set German shepherds on fire.

Biggest celeb's home you've ever gotten drunk in?

At Elvis's place at the Hilton Hotel in Vegas, they'd check you for guns. But once you got in, there were guns everywhere. If you were gonna shoot somebody, you had to use one of Elvis's guns. It was just protocol.

Worst rock & injury?

Onstage once, I put a sword through my leg. I pulled it out and poured whiskey on the bloody wound. That's what James Bond would do.

Biggest celeb in your cellphone?

Paul McCartney. You don't get much bigger than a Beatle.

Ever been declared legally dead?

No, but I've been legally insane, and I spent time in a mental hospital.

Ever wreck a car?

A lot of cars.

Ever been to jail?

Never for more than two minutes I could talk my way out of anything. I'm the Ferris Bueller of rock & roll.

Ever harbored a fugitive?

Once we had an Alice Cooper look-alike contest. So we're having lunch backstage with the winner, and two guys walk up in white coats and put him in a straitjacket! Turns out he escaped from a mental hospital.

What's for dinner?

I can make a great rattlesnake and eggs.

Verdict: Parting with Elvis and a Beatle?... Alice Cooper Rocks!