Originally Published: March 14, 1987

Alice Cooper: He's Back With Another Nightmare

The problem child of the 70s, complete with the bag of tricks that gave him headlines and parents nightmares, has made it all the way back. He battled booze and fell out the spotlight.

"I drank for ten years straight, and then started running again and it saved me," Alice admits.

Trying to put together a band, he went to upstate New York on the recommendation of a friend to check out this guitar player.

"When I walked in," Alice remembers, "all I heard was this loud feedback, and there were bodies scattered all around the floor. Some rowdies got carried away and this guitar player was beating up a couple of them while he was playing his solo. I knew right then I had to have this guy in my band."

The guitar player in action was Kane Roberts, who looks a lot more like Rambo than a normal lead guitarist in a Heavy Metal band. "I used to lift weights and listen to Heavy Metal all the time and I got big. Now I dare anybody to tell me to turn it down!" Kane's stage presence includes a machine gun guitar that shoots flames and a few other side attractions. He also helped Alice with the writing on Constrictor, which has turned out to be Alice Cooper's biggest-selling record in years. It all goes to prove that Alice's character is still in demand. "The three things that people care about in life are sex, death and money. Politics and religion are boring. We give the audience a lot to think about."