Originally Published: July 16, 1994

Last Temptation Album Review

The Last Temptation

Producers: Various
Epic 52771

Fear not the concept-album specter: Cooper has spun a dark, comic-book story of temptation in its various manifestations that is also, at bottom, just a fine spin. "The Last Temptation," which boasts a Marvel comic-book retail companion, mixes Cooper's trademark rock and theatrics in fresh measures, with the former elbowing out the latter for prominence, most notably on thumping numbers producedby Don Fleming ("Nothing's Free," "Bad Place Alone," and terrific, Iggy-esque "Lost In America"). Other producers rejigger the ingredience, to varying effect. Andy Wallace, for instance, lends a jagged edge to howling lead single "Unholy War," with added vocals from co-writer Chris Cornell, while the producing team of Duane Baron & John Purdell gives a pretty sheen to rock ballads "Lullaby" and "It's Me."