Originally Published: May 17, 1980

Flush The Fashion Album Review

Flush The Fashion

Producer(s): Roy Thomas Baker
Warner Bros. BSK3436

Cooper is out to prove he was shocking parents long before any of the punk/new wave bands even thought of going into music. No ballads are present this time as all songs are uptempo rockers with typical new wave lyrics about world problems and desolation. Cooper, in the spirit of getting back to rock's roots, does a version of Music Machine's mid-'60s hit, "Talk Talk." This is definitely his best effort in some time and such cuts as "Pain" and "Clones (We're All)" combine exceptionally good melodies and lyrics. For the most part though, the material is tame and won't shock anybody whose been listening to any new music over the past two years. Also, the entire playing time is just under 30 minutes. Best cuts: "Clones (We're All)," "Pain," "Talk Talk," "Dance Yourself To Death."