Originally Published: May 14, 1977

Lace and Whiskey Album Review

Lace And Whiskey

Producer(s): none listed
Warner Bros. BSK3027

Alice serves up a heaping plate of thumping, but well-thought-out rock here. In some ways the LP looks back to the days when Alice Cooper was a group, not a soloist. But today's Alice is a master of mixing smoothness with shock effects. And the current single, "You And Me," is another sensitive ballad that provides an effective contrast to the sleek heavy-metal sounds that otherwise dominate the LP. The jacket and sleeve graphics have Alice surrounded by the props of a Spillane-type detective-writer tough guy, but there is no conceptual storyline here, unlike the prior two "Nightmare" and "Hell" gold albums. Alice may rock with more sophistication now, but he hasn't lost any of his old demonic drive and inventiveness in his singing, writing and ease with killer rock rhythm sections. Best cuts: "You And Me," "Road Rats," "Damned If You Do," "I Never wrote Those Songs."