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Originally Published: February 1997

Alice Cooper Signs Away $106 Billion For Laundry (Including Diapers)

Two extremely well-proportioned young ladies, scantily clad in mere swatches of black leather, dropped rose petals in there wake. Behind them, crushing the petals with his black boots, came the master of macabre...rock star Alice Cooper.

Cooper, who appeared at a South California Virgin Megastore Nov. 9 to kick off the release of Lords Of Tantrazz, a new CD-ROM game in which he voices the evil entity, "The Hunger", dramatically bowed to his waiting fans and took a seat behind a blood-red draped table.

Decked out in black leather himself, but with much more coverage than his entourage, the rock icon signed photos, albums and memorabilia for fans whether they purchased the game or not.

Loretta Shenosky, who has a collection of what she calls "eccentric" checks, presented her checkbook to Cooper, who made it out for the sum of $106 billion. On the memo line he wrote..."for laundry".

Brian Nelson, Cooper's personal assistant, assured reporters covering the event that his boss is used to signing everything imaginable (and sometimes unimaginable).

If that's the case, the Nicholson twins, Bryce and Brad, qualify as winners in the unimaginable catagory. Their mother, Elyssa, propped her 14-month-old sons up on either side of the superstar. Having made up the little tykes to look like Cooper, she placed two diapers (unused) in front of Alice to sign.

Cooper turned and made eye contact with his assistant. "I'm signing diapers," he said with a deadpan aside.