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Arcadia News - March 1998

Arcadia News
(March 1998)

Originally Published: March 1998

Alice Cooper's sports bar to open in April

A new sports bar/restaurant, called , "Cooper'stown," is scheduled to open in downtown Phoenix in April.

The project is a $2.7 million complete redesign of the old Western Wholesale Drug Co. warehouse building at the southeast corner of First and Jackson Streets.

The attraction will be a combination of sports and rock 'n roll, as well as Western barbecue theme. The interiors will focus on baseball, however, other major sports memorabilia will be incorporated into the design concept.

Sports lover and Arcadia resident, Alice Cooper, along with two other key investors (to include Brian Weymouth), awarded the architecture and interior design contract for the project to the design team at Habitat, Inc.

"Our focus is to develop a 'Hall of Fame' environment where sports enthusiasts get excited about visiting Cooper'stown on a frequent basis," said Scott Hopman, vice president of Habitat, Inc. "We want the public to be surprised around every corner of the restaurant. This will be a fun, entertaining, and memorable experience for everyone."

Habitat is known for designing unique environments for such clients as Flemming Restaurants, Del Webb, and Marriott Hotels/Resorts.