Anchorage Daily News

Originally Published: September 20, 1997

What's Up With Alice

Alice Cooper, who launched his "Fistful of Alice" album tour in August, says he's gone for a carny theme for his live concerts. Snakes are involved, and "there'll be a couple of new illusions. We always do something to poor Alice at the end of the show," says Alice, aka Vincent Furnier. "We've already done hangings and guillotines. We had to come up with something new."

Another new thing was an appearance on VH1. Cooper's "Fistful of Alice" special on August 12 was lensed the same night his live his live album on the Guardian label was recorded at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina in Mexico.

With it all, Alice has had to cut back on his beloved golf for a while.

"I wouldn't play professionally, but I think it would be interesting in five years or so for Alice Cooper to join the Seniors Tour," he says.