Originally Published: November 29, 1996

Alice Cooper Teams With Pat Boone For Sony Ad

Pat Boone and one of the original shock rockers, Alice Cooper, have teamed once again -- this time for a Sony ad.

In an ad campaign for Sony's D-WAVE wireless telecommunications products dubbed "Now You're Talking," opposites are paired with one another, such as a Democrat and a Republican, a father and his teenage daughter, a man and a woman, a lumberjack and a conservationist, and Boone and Cooper.

The two -- donned in each other's clothing with Cooper's pet snake in tow -- taped their commercial on Thursday (April 16) and Friday (April 17) in Culver City, California. The spots will begin airing on major networks and nationwide cable, including MTV, VHI, CNN, and on such shows as Seinfeld and Frasier on May 18. (Since the spots haven't been edited, the snake could possibly end up on the cutting room floor.)

The print side of the campaign will begin in early May in such publications as People, Wired, Sports Illustrated, and Time.

Boone and Cooper were first paired for the 1997 American Music Awards as well, and of course, Boone covered Cooper's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" for his metal project, In a Metal Mood.