Aftonbladet - 29th November 2007

(November 29, 2007)

Originally Published: November 29, 2007

Cooper kills with skills

Alice Cooper: Concert at Olympen, Lund

Author: Marcus Grahn

LUND. "When you've been active for 35 years, you are the soundtrack to peoples lives", Alice Cooper told Sydsvenskan before this falls only Swedish concert.

That is why he builds his repertoire on his safe, strong and ancient era. That is why Olympen is filled, even though the interest in his newer output is not quite as stable.

It is also in this light that you should look upon Alice Cooper in 2007. He only wants to make his soundtrack visible, with the same basic set list every time. Straight, simple, without any big surprises. No shock, just a downscaled show. With all the tricks tried before and well known.

Cuts the nerve!

Always the same ironic crutch in "I'm Eighteen". The same ballet dancer in "Only Women Bleed". The same straight jacket in "Ballad Of Dwight Fry", the same huge balloons in "School’s Out", the same story loosely shown.

A young girl kidnaps Alice, Alice returns and kicks the young girls ass. Young girl raises again and kills Alice off. This time through an effect filled hanging, which is the closest thing to shock rock we will get, followed by his killing of a baby doll during "Dead Babies".

A pretty noble soundtrack.

Best: Generously strewn necklaces in "Dirty Diamonds".

Worst: In "Poison" the band seems to totally cut the nerve.

(Kindly translated from the original Swedish language article by Christian Strandell, September 2010)