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Originally Published: July 1979

Alice Cooper From the Inside

Remember that old meanie "Father Sun" in the film Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? Well, that old meanie's no meanie at allhe's the very popular singer and sweetie Alice Cooper! Alice, who was born Vincent Furnier, but has his name changed legally, gave you those smash hits "School's Out," "You And Me," and "How You Gonna See Me Now." His latest single is the title song from his album From The Inside, and tells the story of Alice's time touring on the roadand how it happened to put him in a hospital!

Alice, with an able assist from Bernie Taupin (of Elton John fame), is very honest about his unfortunate experience on this new album, and it kind of makes you feel a lot closer to him now that he's okay! And he's that for sure! And just 'cause he's a real doll, he's left 16 some 100 From The Inside LP's for you! If you'd like your very own copy, simply fill out the coupon on this page and send it to 16!

Want to write to Alice? Write c/o Warner Brothers Records, 44 E. 50 St., New York, N.Y. 10022!