2000 - 2004

Alice Cooper: Photographed by Annie Leibovitz
(Rolling Stone, 2004-09-30)

"That was our snake, not Annie's," says Alice Cooper. "Her name was Kachina. I was actually afraid of snakes, but I figured that Alice should have one...

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Alice Cooper: The Icon of Rock Returns
(Circus, 2004-11-20)

"I really never had to compromise in any way" laughs Rock icon Alice Cooper aka Vincent Furnier, "And look how things turned out!" He was the public e...

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500 Greatest Songs of All Time
(Rolling Stone, 2004-12-09)

Before "I'm Eighteen" Cooper was just another hairy rock oddball. But this proto-punk smash defined the age when, in Cooper's words, you're "old enoug...

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