1991 - 1993

Encyclopaedia Kerrang!-asaurus
(Kerrang!, 1993-08-07)

Alice was biting the heads off live chickens well before Ozzy got peckish onstage. He had guillotines and hatchets, did unspeakably gory things to bab...

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Alice Cooper Puts Shock Back Into Rock:
(Circus, 1993-10-00)

What do boa constrictors, electric chairs, hypnotism, guillotines, severed heads and dead chickens have to do with rock & roll? Everything, if your ba...

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Alice In Dali Land
(Spin, 1993-12-00)

In early April of 1973, a mind-melding of sorts took place in New York City. Over the course of about two weeks, shock-rocker Alice Cooper and Salvado...

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