Des Moines Register

Alice Cooper's Rock Theatre Not Too Tacky
(Des Moines Register, 1978-04-28)

As rock theater, Alice Cooper's show at Veterans Memorial Auditorium here Thursday was, as they say, not too tacky. A music purist would, however, hav...

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Glen Buxton
(Des Moines Register, 1997-10-21)

Glen Buxton, a 'shocking and irreverent' rocker, had retired to a quieter life on a northern Iowa farm. Clarion, Ia. (AP) -- Glen Buxton, the guitaris...

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Two Faces of Alice Cooper
(Des Moines Register, 2004-07-08)

Alice Cooper is of two minds on most subjects. By day he is Alice Cooper the suburban dad, golfer and entrepreneur. But by night Cooper becomes the ri...

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