Alice Cooper - Dragon You Through Hell!
(BW&BK, 2002-00-00)

Call it Hell. Call it Dragontown. Call it Ozzfest in the early afternoon. Whatever your metaphor for eternal damnation, Alice Cooper has gathered a fe...

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Alice Cooper - Draggin' Through Your Town
(BW&BK, 2003-00-00)

Corpse-painted shockfather Alice Cooper has hit the road once again, bringing his heavy Dragontown record (recently reissued with a spate of bonus mat...

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Alice Cooper Shine On, You Crazy Diamond
(BW&BK, 2005-08-00)

Yes, shine on... an aged but unbowed Alice Cooper is still making spirited, vital records. 38 years after his first coupla' singles, still greatly par...

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